Frequency analysis|Frequency domain analysis (or spectral density estimation), is the process of decomposing a complex signal into simpler parts. Many physical processes are best described as a sum of many individual frequency components. Any process that quantifies the various amounts (e.g. amplitudes, powers, intensities, or phases), versus frequency can be called spectrum analysis. The Fourier transform of a function produces its frequency spectrum by decomposing the function into its sine and cosine components. Whereas the standard Fourier transform is only localized in frequency, wavelets are localized in both time and frequency. Wavelets are handcrafted to correlate with particular frequencies in a signal; a set of wavelets is usually used for a complete analysis.

Fast Fourier transform
Wavelet transform



MonogenicJ performs multiresolution monogenic analyses of 2D images. It extracts wavelet-domain features that characterize the local orientation, the phase and the dominant frequency of an image patch at various levels of resolution.

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Icy UDWT Wavelet Residual Remover

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