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How and what to curate?

When you add a new content, you will know that a similar named tools is existing. Check if it is the same tools you wanted to tag, if not, name it a little bit differently (example: Erosion in Icy vs Erosion in MorpholibJ). The purpose is to have one unique title by entry. When possible, try to add both a software tool, and an entry by components: e.g. MorpholibJ is an ImageJ plugin, and an entry by function (erosion in MorpholibJ, watershed in MorpholibJ etc...). The purpose is then to help analysts to find the component they need when constructing a bio image analysis workflow.

Try to fill as many field as possible. Is one field definition is unclear, report to the forum.

Try to differentiate workflows from components: For a workflow, the final mechanim is not implemented yet, do describe all steps in the main text for now, and list the list of dependencies in the "requires" field. Do the same for the list of operations.

Example 1: Simple Neurite Tracer (existing entry) has three options of use available. 2 semi-automated and 1 fully automated, that have 2 different publications related to them.

In that case, create one entry for Simple Neurite Tracer (the plugin), then one entry by example workflow, and specify the difference in the title. You will have one plugin, and 3 workflows requiring the plugin Simple Neurite Tracer .

Example 2: SOAX - has 2 different ways of downloading it: 1 is the windows standalone executable, 2 is compiling it in any OS, which retires ITK, VTK and Boost C++ libraries.

In that case, the best way is to create two entries: one by location of download since it is actually two different soft then, and evrey entry should have only one dowload link (has location). In one you will put only windows as the supported platform, in the other any os. Specify maybe multiplatform SOAX in the title if the second SOAX.

How to search?

You can also create rss feeds on a topic that you want to watch for novelties (for example, or