two-photon images of dendritic spines

Submitted by Perrine on Mon, 08/26/2019 - 11:35

Raw data of three types of dendritic spines imaged in biphoton (mushroom, tubby, thin spines).

Hippocampal neurons from mouse organotypic slice cultures 


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M. U. Ghani, F. Mesadi, S. D. Kanik, A. O. Argunsah, A. Hobbiss, I. Israely, D. Unay, T. Tasdizen, and M. Cetin, "Shape and appearance features based dendritic spine classification," Journal of Neuroscience Methods.

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Two-photon imaging was performed using a galvanometer-based scanning system (Prairie Technologies, acquired by Bruker Inc.) on an Olympus BX61WI equipped with 60X water immersion objective (0.9 NA), using a Ti:sapphire laser (Coherent Inc.) controlled by PrairieView software at 910 nm. Z-stacks (0.3 μm axial spacing) from secondary or tertiary dendrites from CA1 neurons were collected every 5 min for up to 4 h. The field of view was 19.8 × 19.8 μm at 1024 × 1024 pixels.

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