Microscope Image Correlation Spectroscopy MICS

Chen Chen
Paul-Gilloteaux Perrine
Waharte Fran├žois
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Fluorescence spectroscopy by image correlation is a technique that allows analysing and characterizing the different molecular dynamics from a sequence of fluorescence images. Many image correlation techniques have been developed for different applications but in particular to study the mechanisms of cell adhesion during migration. These techniques can be used with most imaging modalities: e.g. fluorescence widefield, confocal microscopy, TIRFM. They allow to obtain information such as the density in molecules, diffusion coefficients, the presence of several populations, or the direction and speed of a movement corresponding to active transport when spatial and temporal correlations are taken into account (STICS: Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation Spectroscopy).

This plugin is based on ICS_tools plugin by Fitz Elliott, available here.

Some bugs have been removed, ROI does not need to be squared, fitting is weighted in order to give more weight to the smaller lags (temporal or spatial)

Exemple of use on sample data [fluorescent beads](http://biii.info/node/2577 "Beads") - Select an ROI, start by ICS to get the right PSF size - Then run TICS and select diffusion, or diffusion plus flow model. Remove the first line (autocorrelation) which corresponds to the noise autocorrelation before fitting.

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